Saltburn 2006 Fylde Fest 2007Fylde Fest 2007

Saltburn Fest 2006.

Somewhere in the 90s.Somewhere in the 90s.More 90s. (Burns mode).


In hospital 2002.

In hospital 2002.

Dick Gaughan, TF, Alan Taylor.

Dick Gaughan, TF, Alan Taylor. Over 100 years in folk music.

Scotia's Hardy Sons. (Superb Band)

Andy Ramage, TF, Peter Wood, David Vernon.

Tich Frier Band. Milnathort Festival 2004. Neil Paterson, TF, Stuart Duncan, David Vernon.

Vindscreen Vipers. Tonder Festival, Denmark. 1984. Brian Miller, TF, Mike Whellans, Bill Hill, Danny Kyle.

Vindscreen Vipers. Dundee University. 1975. Malky McCormick, Bill Nolan, TF, Mike Whellans, Danny Kyle.


Inverness Festival 1978.


Vindscreen Vipers & Chums, Irvine 1974

Malky McCormick, Bill Nolan, Iain MacKintosh, TF, Andy Ramage, Danny Kyle, Dick Gaughan.

On the big screen. Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh. 1974

Tich & Davey Johnstone. 1965.

Bitter Withy 1970. Andy Ramage, Lesley Hale, TF.