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Tich Frier Live

DVD only



  1. The Bonnie Lass O Fyvie
  2. Downeaster Alexa
  3. Stuck In The Middle With You
  4. Cholesterol
  5. Battle’s O’er/Scottish Soldier
  6. Willie’s Gaen Tae Melville Castle
  7. Caledonia
  8. Two Sleepy People
  9. Belfast Lady
  10. Isaac Lewis
  11. In Orwell Parish
  12. Keep Right On To The End Of The Road


The Life &Songs Of John Watt

DVD only



1.   Bonnie Mae
2.   The Eyemouth Disaster
3.   Annabelle Rosabelle
4.   Three Men Frae Carntyne
5.   The Wild West Show
6.   John Thompson
7.   Charlie Dickson
8.   Pittenweem Jo
9.   I Don’t Like Dundee
10. Frank Sinatra At Kelty Club
11. Owt For Nowt
12. Fife’s Got Everything
13. Big Neil
14. The Kelty Clippie.



CD only



  1. Land Of The North Wind
  2. Lochanside
  3. Hard Times
  4. In Orwell Parish
  5. Prison Walls
  6. Christmas In Washington
  7. Slip Jigs And Reels
  8. Isaac Lewis
  9. Bluidy Chairlie
  10. Shanghaied
  11. The Singer's Request
  12. Sailing To Philadelphia (with Dick Gaughan)
  13. We Will Rise Again
  14. Time Tae Ca' This Nicht A Day

You Are Here

CD only (Compilation Album) CMCD081


  1. North West Passage
  2. Ramblin Rover
  3. I'll Lay Ye Doon Love
  4. The Brewer Lad
  5. The Midges
  6. Barrett's Privateers
  7. Hawks and Eagles
  8. The Boys That Broke The Ground
  9. Where Have The Years Gone Between
  10. Belfast Lady
  11. Leave Us Our Glens
  12. Carrickfergus
  13. Willie's Gane Tae Melville Castle
  14. Auld Lang Syne

Man O' Independent Mind

CD and Cassette
CMCD078 CMC078

  1. For A' That and A' That
  2. Annie Laurie
  3. Nut Brown Maiden
  4. The Address to the Haggis
  5. A Scottish Holiday
  6. The Wild Mountain Thyme
  7. The Back O' The North Wind
  8. Caledonia
  9. The Land O' McLeod
  10. Rattlin' Roarin Willie / The Devil's Awa Wi the Exciseman
  11. Oor Hamlet
  12. The Wee Cooper O' Fife
  13. Tak A Dram
  14. Flooer O' Scotland / Scots Wha Hae

No longer available.

Some tracks on "You Are Here"

  1. Hawks And Eagles
  2. Leave Us Our Glens
  3. Where Have The Years Gone Between
  4. I'm A Rover
  5. Matty Groves - The Final Conflict
  6. Belfast Lady
  7. A Spaceman Came Travelling
  8. The Boys That Broke The Ground
  9. Bring It To Me
  10. Carrickfergus.

Tich Frier


Also available on new trendy vinyl.

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  1. Ramblin Rover
  2. Barretts Privateers
  3. Rose O Allendale
  4. Female Drummer
  5. Freedom Come All Ye
  6. Fisherow
  7. Braw Sailin On The Sea
  8. North West Passage
  9. Mallie Leigh
  10. I'll Lay Ye Doon Love
  11. The Brewer Lad


Some tracks on "You Are Here".

  1. Hieland Shinty
  2. Tunes; John McNeil/Merry Blacksmith/Masons Apron
  3. The Battle's Oer
  4. Tunes; Stronsay Teabag/Greenbank Hornpipe
  5. Willies Gane Tae Melville Castle
  6. Slow Air: The Solway Air
  7. Caledonia
  8. Tunes; Peat Fire Flame/Fit O The Walk/Leith Central/Rickshaw Ridge
  9. Scotias Hardy Sons
  10. Skye Boat Song
  11. Pipe Tunes; Pumpkins Fancy/Jenny Dang The Weaver/The Easy Club Reel
  12. Auld Lang Syne


The Merry Muses

The Bawdy Songs of Robert Burns IRCD035

(Contains Sexually Explicit Material)

Tich Frier sings three tracks in the company of Gill Bowman, Fiona Forbes, Robin Laing, Scott Murray and Davy Steele


Tich Frier can also be heard with many others on "Robert Burns, The Complete Songs"
Volumes 11, 11b, (CKD 200) 12.(CKD 201)
Available from: Linn Records, 25 Drakemire Drive, Castlemolk, Glasgow.
G45 9SZ. E-mail: